Bankruptcy & Credit repair.

The best in the business.

Jay works Inc. The credit experts.

The best in the business.

Through our program your credit cards get paid off like thousands of others, we have over 40 partnerships with private lenders that paid off maxed out individual cards and maxed out business cards. As our trustworthy customers no money comes out of your pocket. all you need is a open account and we will let the lenders do the rest, Credit card companies are cutting credit limit in half also closing accounts with low credit scores so don’t let this happen to you take action now were here to help. Also if you have a lost of income we have programs that can help you.

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Business days and hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM. to 5 PM. EST. tel:1-212-465-2601


These are the requirements:

loss of income approved, no credit checks, Open accounts only, no upfront fees, 6 month no payment no interest, all major credit cards, lines of credit, store cards, Min 1K to 250K Max. easy to apply, 100% secure, serious inquires only. we do take a hold on your card after the loans are made for the amount of $150.00 to $750.00. depending on the amount of the loan. we credit it back to your card in 7 days.                                     

Look us up on Google, Bing, Yahoo. Also on the NY Secretary of State corporation search, search us on google maps and waze. Jay works Inc.

With job lost and economy woes this is a perfect time to contact us.

We‘re here to help with your credit needs.

Come see us first you can't go wrong. with maxed out credit lines paid in full from our Partnership with these 40 lender can help your credit score increase to put you in a better financial position they also report to all three credit bureaus.

We also do bankruptcy and if you have open credit card account we can put some money in your pockets and save your house in a bankruptcy process. Or we can bring you back to life with a credit repair and make your life a lot easier.


Remove judgements, Collections, inquiries, & negative information.

“Jay works really took great care of my wife and I easy fast and hassle free."

David freeman